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CIBC Mortgage Rates

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Are you currently in the process of purchasing a new home or refinancing or renewing your existing mortgage? If you’re currently a CIBC customer, it’s likely that you are looking at CIBC mortgage rates. It’s easy for existing CIBC customers to fall victim to the convenience of not having to go elsewhere for their mortgage needs but it’s important to know that in many cases, there are a lot of better options out there than simply sticking with CIBC and its CIBC mortgage rates. A knowledgeable Calgary mortgage broker can make the process quick and painless and the potential savings of going with another lender with better rates over CIBC mortgage rates could be in the thousands.

I’ve mentioned in my recent Calgary Mortgage Broker video where I compare Calgary mortgage brokers against the major banks, that unless you don’t qualify for any of their products, banks will rarely, if ever, recommend another bank of financial company’s mortgage product over theirs, even if those rates and products are better than CIBC mortgage rates and products. It’s important to note that banks such as CIBC are in business to make money and that sending you somewhere else for your mortgage needs would mean that they would likely be losing a customer. Doing so would be an amazing demonstration of “the customer comes first” for a banking institution such as CIBC but this is something we’re unlikely to ever experience as banks need you to stick around for them to stay in business. And there lies the conflict of interest. By using a Calgary mortgage broker, you can have someone shop rates and products for you and in all likely hood, he or she will be able to find something that beats CIBC mortgage rates.

You owe it to yourself to give me or any Calgary mortgage broker a call to assess your mortgage options. A quick follow up or free consultation with a Calgary mortgage broker could save you thousands of dollars over your mortgage term by going with another lender that offers lower rates that CIBC mortgage rates. Remember. CIBC mortgage rates can often be beat by the myriad of other lenders out there. Call your Calgary mortgage broker to find out more.


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